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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Needs Title Insurance?
2. PWUPP for Retirees Identity Theft Coverage vs that offered by banks and credit card companies
3. Where can I get detailed information on coverages?

4. Who is and is NOT covered?
5. Privacy and Confidentiality
6. Need help or want to lodge a complaint?
7. Role of HUB International HKMB Insurance Brokers
8. Retired Quebec Members
9. What happens when an active PWU member registered for the PWUPP retires?

1. As an existing property owner, do I need Title Insurance?

Everyone who owns residential property should have title insurance!

Mortgage fraud is an increasing problem in Canada and the US. Title insurance addresses some of the impact felt by residential property owners who find themselves victims of this kind of fraud.

Over the last 5 years it has been common for real estate lawyers to include title insurance in every new home or condo purchase. However, if you bought your house, condo, cottage, or farm more than five years ago, chances are you do not have title insurance.

Should I purchase Title Insurance for my existing property through the PWUPP for Retirees?

YES, if you already own a house, condo or other residential property and don't have title insurance on that property.

YES, if your primary residence is protected by title insurance but any secondary residences you own are not protected. You can apply the PWUPP for Retirees coverage to a secondary residence, e.g. cottage, rental property, farm, etc.

2. Is the Identity Theft Coverage offered by PWUPP for Retirees different than that offered by banks and credit card companies?

Banks and credit card companies do not hold you liable for purchases made fraudulently on your behalf using their credit card. However, identity theft affects more than just your limit or balance with any one financial institution or credit card.

If your identity is stolen by professional criminals, you could find yourself

  • the holder of a fraudulently taken mortgage or loan
  • a seriously eroded credit rating, and
  • the inability to get further credit putting your existing mortgage and finances in jeopardy.
  • you might even face criminal prosecution for crimes committed while the thieves veiled themselves in your identity.
Coverage for out of pocket expenses outlined below
  • Defence costs for certain civil suits – e.g. suits by collection agencies
  • Attorney fees incurred in removing criminal or civil judgments wrongly entered against you;
  • Costs incurred in challenging information in a credit report.
  • Coverage for out of pocket expenses as outlined below – not covered by most credit card companies.
  • Re-filing loans
  • Certified mail
  • Long distance charges
  • Notaries for completing and delivering fraud affidavits
  • Lost wages for time taken off work to resolve the problem.
Defined Recovery Process / ID Theft Recovery Kit

Some credit card companies provide kits and information on who to call, but they do not generally provide a claims consultant to assist you with the process. The PWUPP for Retirees insurance partners, HUB HKMB and First Canadian Title Insurance (FCT), will be there with experienced professionals to assist you in your time of need. They will help you identify what you must do to terminate further losses and end the crime, and then how to go about restoring and recovering your identity. You will also have access to the resources of professional, experienced identity recovery and restoration firms.

3. Where can I get detailed information on coverages?

Title Insurance Coverage Details

IIdentity Theft Coverage Details

4. Who is and is NOT covered under these policies?

Who is covered:

Retired members of the Power Workers' Union who reside in Ontario or Quebec ("retirees") as well as:

  • Covered family members
  • Spouse - Includes:
    • A person legally married to the retiree
    • A person who is publicly represented by the retiree as their spouse
    • A same sex partner

Divorced spouses are not covered.

Only one person can be considered a qualified spouse at any one time. In the event that a retiree takes up residence with an individual and publicly represents that individual as their spouse, the spousal status of any other individual is automatically terminated.

Children includes any child of the retiree or their spouse, and legally adopted children, who must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must be unmarried
  • Must be unemployed
  • Must be attending school full time (in which case the student may be employed outside school attendance times)
  • Must be under 23 years old

Other qualified dependents include children to whom the retiree stands in the position of a parent for purposes of the Income Tax Act, the Divorce Act or the Family Law Act. This may include nieces, nephews, or grandchildren. Such dependents are covered only if they meet the following conditions:

  • Under age 19, and
  • Is a resident in Canada living with the retiree, and
  • Is fully dependent for support, food/shelter on the retiree and
  • Has a personal income of less than the basic personal amount under the Income Tax Act.

5. Privacy and Confidentiality

Will the PWU have access to any information?

Any information obtained as part of the registration form is strictly owned, managed, and controlled by the PWU and is collected, retained and used only for purposes of keeping track of and engaging in Union business, including the representation of the PWU membership. Consistent with these purposes:

  • This information will not be accessible by anyone else.
  • This information will not be used by any other third parties for any purposes whatsoever.
  • The information and membership list will not be used to solicit or sell anything whatsoever.

What happens if I have a claim... will anyone see any information about my claim?

Any information obtained as part of a claim or Incident Report is strictly private and confidential information between you and the insurance company.

In short, the PWU will not be notified or informed about any type of claim that occurs. The PWU will not have any kind of access to any kind of records or information about any specific claims. This information is strictly protected, and is private and confidential.

Insurance companies are subject to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). They cannot and will not use, share, or distribute any of your information in any way, except strictly for the purposes of managing, adjusting, and settling your claim.

The PWU has taken great care in choosing trusted, reputable insurers and developing contracts and agreements to safeguard the security of everyone insured under the Power Workers' Union Protection Plan (PWUPP) for Retirees.

To learn more about privacy, your rights, and PIPEDA, go to or you can print the Act at

Will anyone be able to access or use any of the information I submit as part of my application or in the event of a claim?

Please click here for the PWUPP Privacy Statement.

6. Need help or want to lodge a complaint?

Call the PWUPP Call Centre.

Rest assured that the PWUPP Call Centre is secure, private and confidential.

The PWUPP for Retirees works closely with professional, independent insurance brokers – HUB International HKMB insurance brokers. HUB HKMB is there to provide help, assistance and support to the PWU and its retirees with respect to the PWUPP for Retirees. HUB HKMB also has a strong claims team to support you if there is a problem or issue with a claim. If necessary, the PWUPP Call Centre will get in touch with HUB HKMB on your behalf.

7. Role ofHUB International HKMB Insurance Brokers

HUB International HKMB insurance brokers are appointed as the insurance brokers for the PWUPP for Retirees. Simply put, HUB HKMB co-ordinates the insurance policies, answers your questions, services and helps you with your issues or complaints, and ensures you are treated fairly by the insurance company – especially in the event of a claim.

An insurance broker has a fiduciary responsibility to each and every insured, including all retirees covered under the PWUPP for Retirees. This means that it is their job to work in your best interest, and to advocate your interests to the insurance company.

Independent brokers pride themselves on offering personalized, caring service to their clients. They understand the confusion and stress felt when a loss occurs. If you need help or if a problem arises, HUB HKMB will help guide you through the claims process.

HUB HKMB has the staff, resources, expertise, and clout with the insurance companies to be of assistance and to support you when you need them.

To learn more about insurance brokers in Ontario, their role and services, visit

8. Retired Quebec Members

Quebec retirees are eligible for all coverages. However, there may be some differences in terms of reimbursements due to the Quebec Civil Code. We will work with you to ensure a seamless product offering.

When you call to apply, identify yourself as a Quebec PWU retiree.

9. What happens when an active PWU member registered for the PWUPP retires?

If the member purchased Title Insurance through PWUPP prior to retiring, the coverage remains in place for as long as they retain a registered interest in the property to which the insurance applies.

With respect to Identity Theft coverage, the newly retired member remains covered under the PWUPP for incidents that occur and are reported during the policy period in effect at the time of their retirement. Each policy period extends from February 28 of any given year to February 28 of the following year. For example, if an active member retires in September 2009, they will be covered under the PWUPP Identity Theft policy for incidents occurring and reported during the period February 28, 2009 to February 28, 2010  At the end of that period they would need to purchase Identity Theft coverage under the PWUPP for Retirees to maintain their protection.

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Note: Some broker services may be provided by FCT Insurance Services Inc.


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